Samia takes a stand against shame on “Lasting Friend”

A powerful single from the New York indie rocker.

For her new song “Lasting Friend,” Samia has crafted a hook that doubles as a great mantra: “I’m not ashamed of my past,” the rising indie rocker sings over and over.

The power of “Lasting Friend” and the meaning of its mantra emerges during the verses. As the guitars crest, Samia relates uncomfortable high school memories (“Dylan, Phil and Brian, Len and them / They used to line up in the gym / And touch my boobs each day at noon”), and in a canny, lyrical twist, dwells briefly on the trauma of prosecuting sexual assault within the justice system:

“Dylan, Phil and Brian, Len and them
I tried to tell them in the gym
That I was monstrous
And still from the jury they attest
Into the well beneath my chest
You are a monster, yes”


“I have this party anecdote about how the boys in middle school used to line up in the gym and touch my boobs,” the artist explained to Stereogum, which premiered the song. “It’s as funny as it is difficult for me to grapple with, because it’s how I learned to measure my worth. I made a lot of friends that way and it’s hard to unlearn that routine; we were all trying to make sense of the roles we were assigned.”

Watch the video for “Lasting Friend” below:


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