Samia announces debut album with “Fit N Full” video

‘The Baby’ is out in August.

New York indie rock artist Samia has announced her debut album The Baby with a video for new single “Fit N Full.”

“I wrote this while I was living in the East Village [in New York], so overwhelmed by the magic and culture around me and literally only capable of thinking about my fucking body,” Samia said of “Fit N Full” in a press statement. “I tried to write this from the perspective of the person I wanted to be instead of the person who stares at her reflection in the window of [New York restaurant] Veselka.”

The self-assured, slightly cheeky song arrived with a whimsical video directed by Martin MacPherson. It mixes scenes of Samia dancing on the beach, at a pool and on a balcony with cartoonish animated clips—all filtered through screens like televisions or cameras.

Samia’s debut album comes after a few years of single releases, including 2019’s “Lasting Friend.” The Baby is out August 28 via Grand Jury. Watch the “Fit N Full” video now:



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