Romance meets realism on Waxahatchee’s “Can’t Do Much”

    A new song from her upcoming album, ‘Saint Cloud.’

    Waxahatchee Fire Saint Cloud album
    Credit: Molly Matalon

    Waxahatchee—solo artist Katie Crutchfield—has shared “Can’t Do Much,” the third single from her next LP, Saint Cloud.

    “Can’t Do Much,” which joins previously released singles “Fire” and “Lilacs,” was the first song written for Saint Cloud. It documents the time following Crutchfield’s crucial decision to get sober, a lifestyle change that is examined closely in her upcoming album. The song arrives with a grainy video, shot by Anna Powell Teeter, that captures Crutchfield and her band performing “Can’t Do Much” in a rustic studio space.

    “[“Can’t Do Much” is] meant to be an extremely unsentimental love song, a love song with a strong dose of reality,” Crutchfield said in a statement. “It was written early on in a relationship, where the feelings were super intense, but also fear or apprehension were sort of keeping me from totally relaxing in it yet. Sort of like ‘it’s annoying that I love you so much’—totally unromantic, which sort of makes it really romantic to me.”

    Saint Cloud will be released on March 27. Watch the video for “Can’t Do Much” here: