Robots win in The Strokes’ video for “The Adults are Talking”

Watch the rock band play baseball.

The Strokes have shared a video for “The Adults are Talking,” from their album The New Abnormal.

The clip was directed by Roman Coppola, son of famed auteur Francis Ford Coppola and a filmmaker in his own right. In the video, the band are outclassed by sinister robot opponents in a game of baseball—but celebrate their efforts anyway.

It’s a fitting follow-up to their last video, which was for “Ode to the Mets”—their hometown team the New York Mets, for the uninitiated. They also previously dropped MVs for The New Abnormal cuts “Bad Decisions” and “At the Door.”


Last month, The Strokes also promoted their record with an appearance as musical guest on Saturday Night Live, where they performed “The Adults are Talking” and “Bad Decisions.”

Watch the clip for “The Adults are Talking” below:

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