Pup return with unlikely love song, “Kids”

From the Canadian punk rockers’ new album, ‘Morbid Stuff,’ out in April.

It’s been three years since the release of Pup’s breakthrough sophomore record, The Dream is Over, and the Canadian punks are back. Earlier in the week, they dropped the chugging new single “Kids,” taken from their forthcoming album, Morbid Stuff.

The track features a hell of an opening verse: “Just like the kids, I’ve been navigating my way through the mind-numbing reality of a godless existence, which at this point in my hollow and vapid life, has erased what little ambition I’ve got left,” frontman Stefan Babcock sings. Well, damn.

But “Kids,” at its core, is still a love song, as the chorus makes clear: “I guess it doesn’t matter anyway / I don’t care about nothing but you.”


“[The song’s] about what happens when you stumble across the only other person on the face of this godless, desolate planet that thinks everything is as twisted and as fucked up as you do. And thanks to them, the world starts to seem just a little less bleak,” Babcock explained in a statement. “But only slightly—it’s still pretty fucked up, to be honest.”

Morbid Stuff is out April 5 on Pup’s own brand-new label Little Dipper, in partnership with Universal Music Canada. Rock out to “Kids” below:

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