Pup release two singles, “Scorpion Hill” and “Sibling Rivalry”

Both tracks will feature on their forthcoming ‘Morbid Stuff.’

Toronto punk band Pup have released two new singles, “Scorpion Hill” and “Sibling Rivalry,” from their upcoming album Morbid Stuff.

“Scorpion Hill” starts out an acoustic guitar-led ballad and mutates into a fast, in-your-face number, propped up by a pounding snare drum and categorically ’90s guitars. “Sibling Rivalry,” on the other hand, has a more straight-down-the-middle pop-punk feel, with fuzzy undertones and looser drums.

Morbid Stuff, which also features the lead single “Kids,” will arrive April 5 on Pup’s own label Little Dipper, in partnership with Universal Music Canada. Listen to the new songs below.


“Scorpion Hill”:

“Sibling Rivalry”:


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