Watch Protomartyr’s bleakly comical new music video now

For the songs “Tranquilizer” and “Modern Business Hymns.”

Protomartyr have released a new music video for their songs “Tranquilizer” and “Modern Business Hymns.”

The Detroit post-punk band’s bleak sense humor is on full display in this two-part video, the first directed by David Allen and the second by Jeremy Franchi. It follows a middle-aged man who hurts himself while playing Wii Sports at home, and all the measures he takes to alleviate the pain—from pills to alcohol and finally, a machine that promises him an escape from his embodied existence on earth.

“Tranquilizer” and “Modern Business Hymns” are both taken from Protomartyr’s new album Ultimate Success Today, released earlier this month. For their fifth studio album, the band added woodwind and string instrumentation, recording at Dreamland Recording Studios in upstate New York.

Watch the video for “Tranquilizer” and “Modern Business Hymns” below:



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