POND release new song “Burnt Out Star”

The Australian psychedelic rockers share an eight-minute jam—and it’s quintessential POND.

POND fans didn’t have to wait too long for new tunes because the industrious band are back at it only a year after dropping their last album. The psychedelic rockers have just revealed a new track “Burnt Out Star,” and it is everything you have come to expect from the band.

The song opens with a dreamy guitar-violin harmony before a synth bossa nova beat kicks in, and frontman Nick Allbrook’s hazy vocals take center stage. The song is lengthy—even by the band’s standards—but that’s excusable because it feels like a well-paced journey. With a blend of smooth R&B and the act’s signature psychedelic pop-rock sound, the track lulls you into a state of tranquility.

We’re unsure if this track heralds a new album, but the band have announced new tour dates—which begin in October—that will take them across North America. More information about the dates at pondband.net. 


Listen to “Burnt Out Star” here:

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