PJ Harvey, John Parish pay tribute to Sparklehorse with new single

“Sorry for Your Loss” is a folksy, melancholic ballad written in memory of the late Mark Linkous.

John Parish on Wednesday released “Sorry for Your Loss,” a haunting tribute to the late Mark Linkous, better known as his indie rock alter-ego, Sparklehorse.

The track sees the English singer-songwriter call upon his old ally, PJ Harvey. Her honeyed-yet-husky contralto leads the tune, gliding over folksy acoustic strums and a fuzzy lead guitar that’s reminiscent of Sparklehorse’s raw output. “And the sun never felt colder / The window rattled and I wondered if you just passed over,” the two musicians sing in honor of their fallen friend, who took his own life in 2010.

“Sorry for Your Loss” features on Parish’s upcoming record, Bird Dog Dante, which is slated for release on June 15.


Listen to “Sorry for Your Loss” here:

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