Greta Thunberg stars in Pearl Jam’s video for “Retrograde”

A cut from their latest album, ‘Gigaton.’

Pearl Jam have recruited Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg in their video for “Retrograde.”

The band had tapped Emmy-winning Australian filmmaker Josh Wakely to bring to the Gigaton cut to life. In the animated clip, Thunberg plays a fortune-teller who predicts the end of planet Earth. She also watches the devastating effects of climate change ravage iconic landmarks like the London Bridge. Elsewhere in the clip, members of Pearl Jam also appear on tarot cards used to foresee the future.

“Something Pearl Jam has done so extraordinarily well for 30 years is to speak truth to power and fire warning shots,” Wakey told Variety.

“I wanted to give a little subtle nod that they’ve been making great albums for a long time,” he added. “I certainly would have preferred to sit with the Pearl Jam guys and have a beer while talking about how to make this video, and logistically, this was the most complicated project of my entire life. But in the end, it was easy. My job was just to serve this incredible music.”


Watch the “Retrograde” video below:


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