Pale Waves release new song, “Kiss”

The indie goth rockers are back with a bejeweled, feel-good romantic jam.

Emo and Pale Waves just don’t go together, even if the members are dressed like a bunch of cybergoths, with their oversized black leather jackets and kohl-rimmed eyes. The fresh-faced English indie rock quartet, led by vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie, are only here to churn out sonically driven, peppy pop gems. And their latest track “Kiss,” is just that.

“Your love is a dream / Your love is clean,” Baron-Gracie belts out on the chorus of the candy-colored dance anthem that’s steeped in lush dream pop beats. The song is taken from the group’s upcoming debut album that’s ’bout to drop soon.

If you love bands like The 1975 and Swim Deep, then you’ll enjoy these kids. Take a listen here:


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