On her new song, Alex Lahey gives voice to every musician’s doubts

“Am I Doing it Right?” delivers a massive, relatable hook.

Alex Lahey made a splash two years ago with her first album, I Love You Like a Brother, and her sound has matured slightly for her forthcoming full-length, The Best of Luck Club. That much is obvious from the bold new track, “Am I Doing it Right?”

The Australian songwriter has steered away somewhat from the in-your-face, pop punk catchiness of her debut, but her ability to deliver a killer melodic hook remains. On “Am I Doing it Right?” she airs the doubts and anxieties that plague any young musician trying to make it work: “Don’t say that I have nothing to prove / I stay in every cheap hotel room / You may think that I’ve got nothing to lose / But am I doing it right when I make everyone move?”

“Being a musician is considered a weird job without any explanation necessary, but one of the strangest parts about being a musician is that there is absolutely no set pathway you’re supposed to follow to get where you want to go,” Lahey said in a statement.


She added, “This song reflects on being thrust into a lifestyle and going with it while feeling like others are looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing all the right things by you and everyone else. It’s like fighting a losing battle while loving every minute of it.”

The Best of Luck Club is out May 17 on Dead Oceans. Listen to “Am I Doing it Right?” here:

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