Omni celebrate Sub Pop signing with two new singles

Listen to “Delicacy” and “I Don’t Dance” now.

Last Friday, Atlanta post-punk band Omni announced their signing to Sub Pop Records by dropping two new songs, “Delicacy” and “I Don’t Dance.”

“Delicacy” is a catchy, spacey number, the void between the band’s stilted guitar riffs allowing a bright bassline to float to the surface. “I Don’t Dance,” on the other hand, conjures blurry visions of The Strokes in their finest moments, the chorus melody lifting as the falsetto notes hit.

The band are expected to announce a third album at some point in the not-so-distant future, although their debut double-drop with Sub Pop won’t form part of that LP. For now, fans can sit back, celebrate the band’s new record deal and enjoy two fresh songs.


Listen to Omni’s new singles here:

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