Nick Cave interviews Marianne Faithfull about her new album

The songwriter discussed the making of ‘Negative Capability’ in a conversation with the Bad Seeds frontman.

At the top of November, veteran songwriter Marianne Faithfull released her 21st (!) album, Negative Capability. Now, video has emerged of an interview she did with Nick Cave, who collaborated with her on “The Gypsy Faerie Queen,” off the new record.

Directed by Naiché Caudron, this 18-minute video provides a unique insight into the writing and recording of Negative Capability, including the inspiration for the songs and the recording process, the personalities that came together to create this extraordinary record and the friendships between Faithfull and her collaborators.

Sharing the video on her social media channels, Faithfull wrote: “The first time I saw Nick was on stage. He was performing with the Bad Seeds, I don’t remember exactly when it was, it was quite a long time ago. Then he invited me to a rehearsal in Paris and I went along, stood in a corner, and watched the band rehearsing. It was quite fascinating. Fifteen years later, here we are, reunited!”


Watch the interview here:

And stream Negative Capability below:


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