My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way releases new song

“Here Comes the End” will appear in the second season of ‘The Umbrella Academy.’

My Chemical Romance frontman and The Umbrella Academy creator Gerard Way has released a new solo song, “Here Comes the End,” for the television adaptation of his comic series.

The glam rock tune, which features Judith Hill, will appear in the second season of The Umbrella Academy, due out July 31 on Netflix. The song, in which Way sings of a doomsday clock and “a love that’s bigger than World War Three,” was accompanied by a trailer for the new season.

“I was originally inspired to write this track when series one of The Umbrella Academy was being shot,” Way said of the song in a press release. “By the time I finished it, 2020 was in full swing, the world had taken a profound turn and the song was finished in a surreal new reality.”

Way and the rest of My Chemical Romance were due to make a splashy return this year, after rumors of their reformation spread last year thanks to Joe Jonas. The band performed their first live show in seven years in Los Angeles last December, and announced tour dates around the world before the pandemic hit, forcing their postponement. MCR also teased new music in January, though the band have not officially announced any new material.


Listen to “Here Comes the End” here:

And watch the trailer of The Umbrella Academy season 2 below:


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