Muse herald new album, ‘Simulation Theory,’ with new single

“The Dark Side” is a synth-laden banger.

Muse have announced their eighth studio album, Simulation Theory, and to give us a taste of what to expect, they’ve dropped another new single, “The Dark Side.”

This is the fourth single to be released off the upcoming full-length, the others being “Thought Contagion,” “Something Human” and “Dig Down.” The new track features synths heavily, but doesn’t forget to put Matt Bellamy’s iconic vocal stylings front and center. We’re digging it.

“The Dark Side” also received a music video treatment, and the visual continues the retro-futuristic ’80s theme Muse have adopted for the album. The clip sees Bellamy in the Lamborghini Countach we were introduced to in the visual for “Something Human.” The frontman zips around in the supercar, and seems calm and collected for someone trying to outrun a skeletal behemoth. We won’t spoil the rest of the Out Run/Tron-inspired MV, but we will say it’s definitely worth a watch.


The band has also shared the album art for Simulation Theory on their Instagram page. It was created by Kyle Lambert, who’s also worked on Jurassic Park and Stranger Things. Go figure.

Which Simulation Theory visuals is your favorite so far?


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