Muse drop video for “Something Human”

Matt Bellamy and the crew channel plenty of ‘Teen Wolf’ and ‘Doctor Who’ in the sci-fi visual.

Supercars, werewolves, VHS tapes… and Matt Bellamy—that’s the recipe for the video for Muse’s new single, “Something Human.”

The spectacular, retro-inspired clip follows the Muse frontman in the seat of a Lamborghini Countach as he’s being pursued by the cops, played by his bandmates. He launches into hyperspeed, escapes and is somehow transported into a VHS store in space. It’s bizarre stuff, made even weirder when Bellamy transforms into a werewolf to take on the police. Who materialize in a TARDIS-like vehicle. Like we said: weird.

The track itself marks a departure for the English outfit. Rather than the bass-drenched riffs we’re used to, the song kicks off with a gentle electropop beat before the warm strums of an acoustic guitar cruise in. Only until Bellamy’s smooth crooning kicks in are we taken back to familiar ground.


The single is a teaser from Muse’s as-yet-untitled upcoming album, which is expected to arrive in November.

Watch the video here:

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