Modest Mouse are back with new single, “We Are Between”

They’ve also announced their first album in six years, ‘The Stranger Casket.’

Modest Mouse have returned with a new single, “We Are Between.”

The song is a propulsive indie rock jam, featuring poppier hooks than their previous work. Over driving backbeats and guitars, Isaac Brock muses on human existence in this world. “Hello hello hello, this is the best part / We are, we are, we are made of grasps at straw / We are between, we are between, yeah we are / Somewhere between dust and the stars,” he sings.

“We Are Between” is part of Modest Mouse’s new album, The Stranger Casket, due June 25 on Epic Records. The 12-track LP will be their first full-length since 2015’s Stranger to Ourselves. According to its digital liner notes, the new album “hovers in the liminal space between raw punk power and experimental studio science.”


Modest Mouse had released a series of songs in 2019, including “Ice Cream Party,” as well as their Record Store Day releases “Poison the Well” and “I’m Still Here.”

Listen to “We Are Between” here:

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