Mitski gets dirty in latest music video for “Geyser”

Rolling and digging through the sand kinda dirty.

Rejoice indie rockers, a new Mitski album is dropping soon—August 17 to be specific. Be the Cowboy will be the singer-songwriter’s fifth studio release and she’s giving fans a taste of what’s to come with the release of “Geyser,” the first song on the record.

The sound on her new track doesn’t stray too far away from her 2016 breakthrough, Puberty 2, pairing Mitski’s dreamy vocals with thundering drums. “You’re my number one / You’re the one I want / And you’ve turned down / Every hand that has beckoned me to come,” she sings on the opening verse.

In the music video, Mitski is seen wistfully standing on a beach before she sprints down the stretch, tumbling forward and then rolling in the sand as the drum kicks in, bringing the song to its climax. The scene reminds us of, well, a geyser—bubbling under pressure before an eruption of beautiful chaos.


Watch all the action happen here:

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