Miles Kane releases “Blame it on the Summertime”

A charming new single that blends rock ’n’ roll with Motown.

It’s hardly been a year since Miles Kane’s third solo album Coup de Grace, but the musician has already returned to the studio to work on a follow-up. His new single “Blame it on the Summertime” is the latest preview of his efforts.

The charming track packs catchy, optimistic melodies with a light touch of psychedelia on the bridge, building on Kane’s earlier groove-laden single, “Can You See Me Now.” “’Cause I can love you better than this / But my heart’s running out of ammunition / Blame it on the summertime,” he croons over an uplifting pop chorus.

Kane hasn’t completed his album yet, but this new track will give you a good sense of what it sounds like so far. “‘Blame it on the Summertime’ would definitely fit on the new record. It’s got rock ’n’ roll, but with a bit of Motown,” he told NME.


“At the start of the year, the new songs were on a glam tip that would have fitted on Coup de Grace,” Kane added. “But, since then, my songs have had a bit more of a Motown and disco shoulder shake to them. It’s going from your tiptoes to your shoulder shake.”

Boogie to “Blame it on the Summertime” here:

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