Mikal Cronin searches for “Shelter” on his new song

The second single from his upcoming album, ‘Seeker.’

Mikal Cronin has released “Shelter,” the latest single from his forthcoming album, Seeker.

The alt-rock musician searches for “answers in an uncertain world” on the hazy track, he explained in a press release. “It’s about the observer reluctantly stepping out of their comfort zone and looking around, while trying to keep their head straight.”

“Shelter” will open Seeker, which also includes July single “Show Me.” The record is due out October 25 on Merge.


“I aimed for nature. I wanted organic sounds. I wanted to bring you into the room,” Cronin said of the album in a separate statement. “Fire, specifically its cycle of purging and reseeding the landscape, is a central theme to the record. Death and rebirth.”

Seeker is Cronin’s first full-length in over four years, following 2015’s MCIII. He previously made his return to music in March with the songs “Undertow” and “Breathe.”

Listen to “Shelter” here:


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