Mikal Cronin fights the “Undertow” on his first song in four years

The garage rocker is back.

Mikal Cronin has released “Undertow,” his first new song in four years. His last record was 2015’s MCIII.

On the rousing, guitar-forward track, the Californian garage rocker sings like he’s reluctantly mustering up the strength to battle forces larger than he is. “I don’t wanna play this game,” he confesses on the chorus. “I’m feeling alright / It’s getting kinda ugly.”

“It’s easy to get caught up in an undertow, pulled down into the water, weightless and directionless. The current stirs and you lose your way,” Cronin wrote in a statement. “But eventually, if you’re lucky and patient, you can float back up to the surface and take a breath.”


“This is my first new music in a while—my gulp of air,” he added. “Many talented friends joined me, the basic tracks were recorded live together for the first time in my recording career. This felt good.”

Cited in the credits for “Undertow” and its B-side, “Breathe,” are William Tyler (of Lambchop and Silver Jews) and Shannon Lay, who released an acclaimed album, Living Water, in 2017.

“Undertow” and “Breathe” will arrive as a 7-inch single on May 10, but you can already stream the former track below:


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