Meg Myers is still and lifeless in “Numb” music video

The alternative rock star speaks out on her struggle with her former record label.

Meg Myers is set to make her big return after three years since her debut. The Nashville-based singer has just released the lead single to her highly anticipated forthcoming sophomore record, Take Me to the Disco.

The track “Numb” hears Myers recalling her struggles with her former record label and the pressures she faced while working under it. It’s a blistering ’90s rock tune that captures the singer-songwriter’s battle with her management for creative freedom. “I’m in your custody / But I’m not a criminal, I can be your next big thing,” she sings.

In the accompanying visual, the music video paints a bleak scene of the singer-songwriter working in a gray office. For most parts, Myers just stares blankly into space like a puppet while her colleagues ‘touch’ and control her actions. Someone tucks her hair behind her ears, another straightens her blazer.


Towards the end, Myers finally snaps out of her daze and runs away. But just as quickly as she’s escaped from her horrors, she’s trapped again by the people who control her. As Myers sends an intense stare towards the camera, a hand reaches out to grab the singer before it cuts to black. Chills.

Watch the clip below:

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