Mazzy Star return with delicate new tune, “Quiet, the Winter Harbor”

Four years after releasing their last record, the dream pop pioneers return with a hypnotic track that will appear on a new EP.

If you were a music fan during the ’90s, you’d know the special place alt-rockers reserved in their hearts for Mazzy Star. Back then, the Californian band defined dream pop and charted the course for other folk-tinged indie acts to follow. And it seems they’ve only gotten better with age.

Hope Sandoval, David Roback and company yesterday announced their new Still EP and shared a track off it. “Quiet, the Winter Harbor” is everything you’d expect from the veterans: It’s slow, hushed and melancholic AF. Sandoval’s reverb-drenched whisper floats above slide guitars and a haunting piano melody—#throwback doesn’t even begin to describe the tune.

The four-track Still comes after a Record Store Day single in 2014 and the Seasons of Your Day full-length the year before. The EP includes a reworked edition of “So Tonight that I Might See,” and drops on June 1.


For now, check out “Quiet, the Winter Harbor”:

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