Matt Heafy of Trivium takes on Toto’s “Africa”

After Weezer, the Trivium frontman is the next rock act to cover the 1982 classic.

Toto’s “Africa” has proven itself that it’s a timeless classic. Thanks to Weezer’s recent cover of the 1982 hit, the rock world is seeing a revival of the retro tune—and Matt Heafy of Trivium is the latest to hop on the cover bandwagon.

Unlike River Cuomo’s rendition, which mostly stayed true to the original, Heafy’s version is straight-up hardcore. The cover starts out mellow, with the metalhead strumming on his electric guitar, before the chorus enters and he kicks it up a notch with a fuzzy distortion. And, of course, he had to insert a couple of growling verses, too.

Who do you think did it better: Weezer or Matt Heafy? Watch the Trivium frontman’s cover below to decide:


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