Martha return with “Love Keeps Kicking”

Beware the giant foot stomping—and yes, kicking—through town.

English punks Martha have dropped “Love Keeps Kicking,” the title track of their forthcoming record, along with an oddball music video to match.

In the clip, love literally keeps kicking—if by “love” you mean a huge, hairy foot stomping its way through town and punting anybody in its way. Luckily, a detective and a mad, gadget-wielding scientist are on the case.

The hilarious, unpredictable clip matches the upbeat single, which boasts hooky riffs and witty, counter-intuitive lyrics: “Love keeps kicking the shit out of me, and there’s no solution I can see, no happy pill, no drinking bleach, no permanent lobotomy.”


Love Keeps Kicking is out April 1. Watch the video for the title track below:

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