Mark Tremonti unleashes the dystopian “A Dying Machine”

The former Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist puts pedal to the metal in the title track off his forthcoming, cyberpunk-influenced album.

Tremonster is back, and he’s bringing the big guns out. Tremonti—a trio comprising the eponymous guitarist, Eric Friedman and Garret Whitlock—on Saturday unveiled the video for “A Dying Machine,” the massive title track off the band’s forthcoming fourth album.

On the track, the former Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist does what he does best: lay down the riffage. It’s got all the hallmarks of a hard rock tune that skirts on the edge of heavy metal, but if you’re thinking it’s just Tremonti returning to his roots, don’t.

That’s because he has huge plans for A Dying Machine: The album will be adapted into a novel, authored by the musician himself in collaboration with American sci-fi author John Shirley. To get a taste of what’s in store, watch the dystopian, cyberpunk-influenced video of “A Dying Machine.” According to Tremonti, “The story […] takes place at the turn of the next century where humans and fabricated beings called ‘vessels’ are trying to co-exist.”


A Dying Machine (the album, that is) drops on June 8, but the release date for the book hasn’t been announced.

Listen to the title track here:

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