Mac DeMarco’s new “On the Square” video is bizarre AF

Someone give the mask and prosthetic department a medal.

First, Mac DeMarco was a lizard. Now, he’s a pig—or at least, only in this new video for his latest single, “On the Square.”

The drowsy piano-led single arrived earlier this week with a video which is a triumph in prosthetics. The first character—who looks like Hannibal character Mason Verger—plunges his face into a milky portal, peering in on three other tuxedoed figures who resemble a pig, cat and squid respectively.

The creepy clip was conceptualized by Catherine Sweet and created by William Sipos and Sean Campos. In a statement, Sipos gave some insight into how the clip was made: “At one point I had Mac in a latex mask, shivering in a kiddie pool filled with cold milk. I did not feel like a nice person.”


“On the Square” will feature on Here Comes the Cowboy, DeMarco’s new album out this Friday. Watch the video here:

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