Mac DeMarco stars in Crowded House’s new music video

For “Whatever You Want,” their first song in a decade.

Australian rock veterans Crowded House have released “Whatever You Want,” their first new song in a decade.

It arrived with a light-hearted music video directed by Nina Ljeti and starring Mac DeMarco as a man trying his darndest to remember what went down the boozy night before. Though inanimate objects like a garden gnome and a rubber duck assure him it was great, his hazy memories tell him otherwise.

In a statement, frontman Neil Finn (also a current member of Fleetwood Mac) said, “Waking up with the fear after last night’s revelry. We can all relate to that. Thanks to Mac for working through the pain and showing us redemption.”


It’s unclear whether Crowded House have more new music, or a record, in the works. However, press materials say that Finn joining Fleetwood Mac in 2018 and his successful world tour with them have “inspired” him and fellow founding member Nick Seymour to “begin a new chapter in the Crowded House story.” The band have also announced a tour of New Zealand for March 2021.

Watch the video for “Whatever You Want” here:

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