Listen to Vagabon’s sublime self-titled album, out today

Her sophomore record is a triumph.

Today, Vagabon releases her self-titled sophomore album that expands her sound beyond the raw indie rock of her 2017 debut, Infinite Worlds.

Vagabon—real name Laetitia Tamko—announced the record (then titled All the Women in Me) back in June with “Flood” (then titled “Flood Hands”). The polished textures and hybridized analog-digital sounds of that single are characteristic of the sonic leap Tamko takes on the new album.

In a statement, Tamko explained that she drew on hip hop production as well as R&B and folk storytelling for the drum- and vocal-forward approach of the album. “That’s the music that got me excited about writing again,” she said.


Stream Vagabon below:

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