Listen to Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s new album, ‘Colorado’

Their 13th full-length together.

Iconic rocker Neil Young has released his 39th studio album, Colorado, his first with longtime collaborators Crazy Horse in over seven years.

On the ten-track LP, Crazy Horse occasionally step off the throttle to allow for contemplative moments on the harmonica-heavy “Think of Me” and the hushed, lullaby-like album closer “I Do.” Conversely, “Help Me Lose My Mind” and “Shut it Down” pit Young’s howling vocals against distorted guitars and thumping drums.

“If something was too raggedy on my part, [Young would] let me fix it later,” Crazy Horse guitarist Nils Lofgren told Rolling Stone of the making of Colorado. “Other times we’d listen to it together and go, ‘No, it’s part of what happened, we’re not going to fix it.’ Unless it was something that drew your attention away from the song, we’d keep the rough edges in. That is part of the experience and that’s what Neil is trying to show everyone.”


Colorado is Young’s 13th full-length release with Crazy Horse. Stream the album here:

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