Listen to Jay Som’s lush new single, “Superbike”

A peek into her upcoming album, ‘Anak Ko.’

Filipino-American artist Jay Som—aka Melina Duterte—has released “Superbike,” a new single off her upcoming record, Anak Ko.

“Superbike” departs from the grittier, lofi-esque atmosphere of Duterte’s earlier work, instead opting for lush, jangly tones reminiscent of Cocteau Twins and The Cure. Throughout the song, she evokes heartache without overbearing sentimentality.

“I pick up the superbike / Going 80 in the night / Said you wanted something else / Something new for show and tell,” Duterte croons. All in all, the track is an exciting glimpse of the new directions Jay Som has begun to explore in her realm of indie rock.


“Superbike” is the first taste of Anak Ko (which means ‘my child’ in Filipino), Jay Som’s follow-up to 2017’s widely acclaimed Everybody Works. The album arrives August 23 on Polyvinyl Records.

Listen to the track here:

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