Listen to Jack White’s new album, ‘Boarding House Reach’

The record is an eccentric, ambitious odyssey that doesn’t give a damn about fitting into a genre.

After teasing it with singles “Connected by Love” and “Over and Over and Over,” Jack White today dropped his new album, Boarding House Reach. Check it out on Spotify below.

The record is a hyperactive and manic journey across genres and styles. Boarding House Reach sees White venture into uncharted waters, putting together 13 tracks that swerve from R&B-infused rock to drrty funk to yearning country to (yes) pseudo-rap. To call the album “eccentric” would be severely understating the fact.

Boarding House Reach is White’s third solo studio album, coming on the heels of 2012’s Blunderbuss and 2014’s Lazaretto. But where those two wore White’s bluesy, Americana-tinged flair on their sleeves, this one rips it off and chucks it out the window. And that ain’t a bad thing.


Listen to Boarding House Reach here:

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