Listen to Dirty Projectors’ new single, “Break-thru”

Eccentric, quirky and adventurous, the song recalls the band’s early days pushing at the fringes of indie rock.

Dirty Projectors are back with a new track, “Break-thru,” off the band’s forthcoming record, Lamp Lit Prose. And it sounds like it’s gonna be quite a departure from the indie rockers 2017 self-titled LP.

Where Dirty Projectors was sullen and morose, “Break-thru” is a bright, poppy effort that recalls the outfit’s pioneering days. Frontman David Longstreth weaves intricate guitar lines and vocal harmonies into a tapestry of new wave, art rock and Afropop—the more you listen to it, the more surprising it gets.

Lamp Lit Prose is Dirty Projectors’ ninth album, and is due out on July 13. Check out “Break-thru” here:


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