Listen to a new solo song from The National’s Matt Berninger

“Distant Axis” is a track from his debut album, ‘Serpentine Prison.’

The National frontman Matt Berninger has released “Distant Axis,” another taste of his upcoming debut solo album, Serpentine Prison.

The laid-back song was co-written by Berninger with The Walkmen’s Walter Martin. “About three years ago we started passing ideas back and forth. ‘Distant Axis’ started from a sketch Walt sent me named ‘Savannah.’ I think it’s about falling out of touch with someone or something you once thought would be there forever,” Berninger said.

“Distant Axis” dropped alongside an eccentric video that features Berninger sprawled out on the floor of a green-screen setup. The singer throws different objects at the camera—including the American flag, a deck of cards and a hat—while performing to an overhead camera. Animated effects you might expect, however, are never added to the clip.

“Distant Axis” is the latest song from Berninger’s upcoming debut solo album, Serpentine Prison,” following the title track. Last year, the singer teamed up with Phoebe Bridgers for “Walking on a String.” The National also released the album I Am Easy to Find in 2019. It featured the singles “You Had Your Soul With You” and “Hairpin Turns.”


Serpentine Prison arrives October 2 via Book Records. While you wait, watch the video for “Distant Axis” below:


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