Lindsey Buckingham recovering from open heart surgery

The operation, however, damaged the former Fleetwood Mac member’s vocal cords.

Last week, Lindsey Buckingham underwent open heart surgery which resulted in vocal cord damage.

In an Instagram post, his wife Kristen Buckingham shared that the ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist is currently recovering at home. “While it is unclear if this damage is permanent, we are hopeful it is not,” she wrote. “This past year has been a very stressful and difficult year for our family, to say the least. But despite all this, our gratitude for life trumps all obstacles we have faced at this moment. We feel so fortunate he’s alive. As does he. He looks forward to recovery and putting this behind him.”

According to the post, Buckingham’s family has had a history of heart issues, “having lost both his father at 56 and his brother at 46 to heart-related illness.”


His former bandmates also took to social media to wish him well:

Early last year, the 69-year-old was fired from Fleetwood Mac after “a disagreement reportedly emerged between them regarding a tour,” BBC noted. Buckingham later filed a lawsuit against the rock outfit for breach of fiduciary duty and breach of oral contract, among others. The case was eventually settled outside of court.


“We’ve all signed off on something,” Buckingham told CBS This Morning in December about the settlement. “I’m happy enough with it. I’m not out there trying to twist the knife at all. I’m trying to look at this with some level of compassion, some level of wisdom.”

Hopefully 2019 looks up for Buckingham.

Watch him perform the 1981 classic “Trouble” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below:

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