Lenny Kravitz’s new “Low” video is beautifully simple

A drum set takes center stage in the new visual.

Earlier last month, Lenny Kravitz shared a visual for his latest single, “Low.” But guess that wasn’t enough for the rock ’n’ roll veteran. Because he’s just dropped another clip for the track that puts him center stage, banging on the drums in a black room.

Footage of him singing while beating the drums, and grooving to the song are punctuated by images of a young woman playing the same drum set. It may look simple, but a lot of production went into shooting this. Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who directed the MV, developed the concept by zeroing in on the beat of the song. The result is phenomenal and perfectly mirrors the back-to-basics style that Kravitz adopted for this song.

“Low” appears on Kravitz’s upcoming album, Raise Vibration, due September 7. Keep an eye out for it.


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