Lemon Twigs release grim new song from upcoming album

“The Fire” is about a chimpanzee arsonist.

Lemon Twigs have just announced their concept album Go to School and shared a new single off it,“The Fire.”

As its title suggests, it’s about a school being set ablaze. Who did it? A chimpanzee. Yes, you read that right. The entire concept album is a musical about a simian named Shane navigating the trials of human life. And this track is the centerpiece: The protagonist gets pushed to his limits, and lights the institution up.

“And I saw Shane, and everyone was pushing him / And you could really feel his pain / And it was right then / You started to see these, like, flames / A fire started in the school / That took a hundred lives away,” brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario harmonize.


The melodies for this track draw inspiration from a wide range of genres, with elements of country and folk making distinct appearances.  

Go to School is set to arrive on August 24, but in the meantime, listen to the album’s grim centerpiece here:

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