Kim Gordon’s daughter stars in her video for “Hungry Baby”

From her 2019 solo album, ‘No Home Record.’

Kim Gordon has shared a cathartic music video for “Hungry Baby,” starring her daughter Coco Gordon-Moore.

The clip embraces the grainy 4:3 aesthetic of yesteryear, with Gordon and her daughter appearing as workers in a building materials store. After encountering a sleazy guy who pulls up right in front of her and throws his milkshake out of his car window, Gordon-Moore lets loose in the carpark as her mother’s visceral, noisy song plays out.

“I came up with the idea for the video after listening to ‘Hungry Baby’ on a 2020-angst-fueled walk around my suburban neighborhood,” director Clara Balzary revealed in a statement. “Coco is an amazing performer, and loved her as this character with such a raging internal world set against that quiet + empty backdrop of the parking lot. I’m so grateful to Kim for being so supportive and open to the idea.”


“Hungry Baby” appears on Gordon’s debut solo album No Home Record, which arrived in October 2019, alongside “Air BnB” and “Sketch Artist.” Last year, Gordon shared her visual diary No Icon, a collection of ephemera and personal photographs including paper clippings, zines and fashion editorials amassed by the musician over the years.

Watch the “Hungry Baby” clip here:

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