John Mayer shares meme-worthy music video for “New Light”

Time to compile all the reaction .gifs from this clip.

No one wants to be a meme, but John Mayer thinks otherwise. Poking fun at tragic green screen effects you’ve seen in those badly edited infomercials and home videos, the pop rock singer has put together a low-budget production of his own for his latest track, “New Light.” And every frame is downright reaction .gif-worthy.  

The clip sees the lovelorn bachelor sporting a scruffy, just-rolled-out-of-bed-look as he stands in front of a green screen while it projects random stock videos behind him. He runs past pyramids in Egypt, flies over a suburban town, and swims with goldfish. At one point, the singer even poses with himself in front of the Eiffel tower. The effects and post-production on the video are so bad that it’s actually pretty good.

“I needed to make a video for “New Light” but nobody could agree on a budget,” he wrote on his Instagram. “So I went to a place downtown and made this with a company that usually does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos.”


Watch it below:

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