John Mayer links up with No ID on “New Light”

The ’80s vibe is strong with this one.

In what may be John Mayer’s most fashionable move yet, he’s linked up with hip hop producer extraordinaire No ID on his latest track, “New Light.”

The number combines blue-eyed soul, funk and Japanese city pop into one ’80s-inspired package. Ideal for a summer cruise with the windows down, “New Light” is so ear-pleasingly good you’ll be putting it on repeat. Even Mayer’s guitar solo is concise and tailored for the radio. It’s almost an homage to Hall & Oates, to be frank—and that ain’t a bad thing.

“New Light” is Mayer’s first new track since dropping The Search for Everything in 2017. Slow dance to it (in a burning room) here:


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