Jimmy Eat World strip down “The Middle” for NPR ‘Tiny Desk’

They also played two newer songs.

Jimmy Eat World are the latest band to grace NPR’s Tiny Desk. The Arizona rock band played acoustic renditions of three songs, including their beloved hit “The Middle.”

Frontman Jim Adkins, drummer/percussionist Zach Lind and touring multi-instrumentalist Robin Vining kicked off the set with the 2018 song “Love Never,” and “All the Way (Stay),” which is taken from the band’s 2019 album, Surviving.

Guitarist Tom Linton joined in for the final number: “The Middle,” the band’s best-known song and a standout from their 2001 album, Bleed American. Listen out for the audience singing along to the last, uplifting chorus.

Other artists who’ve recently played NPR Tiny Desk Concerts include The Comet is Coming, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib, and Sheryl Crow.


Watch Jimmy Eat World play the Tiny Desk below:


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