Jay Som releases new album, ‘Anak Ko’

Another beautiful body of work from Melina Duterte.

Today, Jay Som aka Melina Duterte releases Anak Ko, her new studio album and the follow-up to her 2017 sophomore LP, Everybody Works.

The nine-track record—whose title means “my child” in Tagalog—marks a few changes for Jay Som. For one, she moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, and invited collaborators into her creative process for the first time.

Anak Ko also moves away from the grittier, lo-fi feel of Duterte’s earlier work, as singles “Superbike” and “Tenderness” make clear. But it’s no less personal than her previous albums: “I feel like a lot of the themes of the songs stemmed from bottled up emotions, frustration with yourself and acceptance,” Duterte shared in a press statement.


Stream Anak Ko here:

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