Japanese Breakfast debuts BUMPER project with quarantine EP

A collaboration between Michelle Zauner and Ryan Galloway of the band Crying.

Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner has a new project with Ryan Galloway of the band Crying: BUMPER. Their debut EP, pop songs 2020, is out now.

The duo made the four-track EP during quarantine, beginning to trade tracks in early June and adding layers over email exchanges. Zauner and Galloway’s collaboration first took shape when she asked him to contribute a guitar part to the next Japanese Breakfast album.

“For this new record, I just wanted to work with people that really inspired me creatively,” Zauner told Rolling Stone. “We worked together and made something that was totally out of the realm of what I would usually make. I realized that Ryan had this wealth of material that he was just sitting on.”

She added, “We just wanted to make something fun. It was a space that we created that was very comfortable for us to be honest with one another without hurting each other’s feelings. We were also in a place where we wanted to make bombastic pop music.”


The sparkling, sugary pop of BUMPER is an unexpected but welcome follow-up to the last Japanese Breakfast album, 2017’s Soft Sounds From Another Planet. It also might not be too long before we hear the next Japanese Breakfast project, as Zauner told RS that the album is effectively done. “Now I’m just looking for my next thing to do,” she said. “Make LP four, I guess.”

Listen to pop songs 2020 now:


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