Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters shows off his “Big Bushy Mustache”

We’re talking about his facial hair.

Glam rock is not dead. Not as long as Jake Shears is still alive. The former frontman of Scissor Sisters has just dropped his latest offering “Big Bushy Mustache,” off his self-titled debut solo record, due August 10.

But like most of Shears’ music, the song’s anything but serious. It’s frivolous, hedonistic and downright campy. “They say I got a dirty face / But I’m sharper than a razor blade / You know I didn’t grow it overnight,” he sings on the opening verse over a buzzing guitar-driven beat. Yes, the song is, quite literally, about his ’stache.

Check out the accompanying video for “Big Bushy Mustache” below, which features tons of facial hair goodness and a cameo by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.


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