Imagine Dragons resist the “Machine”

Rage against the machine with the Vegas band.

Imagine Dragons are gearing up to release their next album, Origins, and they’ve just dropped “Machine” from the upcoming project.

The killer track picks up from where the moody lead single “Natural” left off, taking some of that track’s anger and energy and dialing it up a notch.

“All my life I’ve been sitting at the table / Watching them kids, they’re living in a fable / Looks, luck, money, never left a’wishin / But now it’s ’bout time to raise up a petition,” frontman Dan Reynolds sings at the top of the track. If it all sounds very ‘us vs them,’ that’s because “Machine” is about refusing to stick to the same lane as everyone else.


By the time the chorus lands, the drum-heavy beat kicks up a gear and Reynolds’ voice also rises to his signature snarl: ”I’ve been wondering when you’re gonna see I’m not the same / I’ve been questioning when you’re gonna see I’m not a part of your machine.”

With all of its foot-stomping, fist-pumping and rebel-yelling, “Machine” is an awesome rallying cry for anyone feeling displaced or different from the crowd. Check it out below:

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