IDLES decimate NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’

Watch the band’s raucous performance here.

UK punk group IDLES have crossed the pond to deliver one of NPR’s most visceral Tiny Desk concerts yet.

The band opened with the Joy as an Act of Resistance single, “Never Fight a Man With a Perm.” The group then barrelled into “Mercedes Marxist,” their latest single, which featured guitarist Mark Bowen jamming atop a desk for the song.

“We are not the Jonas Brothers, people get confused,” frontman Joe Talbot joked, before diving into their final song, “I’m Scum.” Bowen dragged a few NPR employees into the Tiny Desk space during the performance, adding them to the percussion section, before ending their set to rousing applause from the audience.


Watch IDLES perform at the Tiny Desk below:

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