Ian MacKaye’s band Coriky release new song

“Too Many Husbands” previews their upcoming self-titled album.

Coriky—the band of Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally, plus Amy Farina—have released a new song, “Too Many Husbands.”

All three members of Coriky sing, and Farina takes the lead on the thrumming “Too Many Husbands.” The track comes months after their first song, “Clean Kill.” Both songs will appear on their upcoming self-titled album.

Coriky’s release was initially set for March, but delayed by a few months: It will now be released digitally on June 12, and be available in stores on June 26 via MacKaye’s Dischord Records.

Coriky share members with Fugazi, but also The Evens (the duo of MacKaye and Farina, who are also married) and The Warmers (which Farina drummed in). The trio formed in 2015, and played their first show in 2018, in their stomping grounds of Washington DC; at that debut gig, NPR Music points out, they didn’t even have a band name yet.


Hear “Too Many Husbands” before the release of Coriky below:


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