Hozier releases intense, balletic video for “Movement”

Featuring Ukrainian dancer Sergei Polunin.

Blues musician Hozier, of “Take Me to Church” fame, has released a new single, “Movement,” and an intense video to match.

Don’t be fooled by the tinkling keys and slow handclaps at the beginning. “Movement” is a dramatic, explosive track, and a strong first glimpse of Hozier’s sophomore record out next year.

In the clip, Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin plays a man grappling with his clones. Or, to look at it allegorically, he’s struggling with different facets of himself, an abandoned building the setting for his poetic inner battle expressed through dance.


“Sergei Polunin is a once-in-a-generation talent,” Hozier enthused in a statement. “He’s a man of incredible skill and artistry and shows a dedication to his art form that I find inspiring. I’m thrilled to share this with everyone.”

Watch the video below:

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