Hear two new songs from Shogun & the Sheets

Fronted by the leader of the now-defunct Royal Headache.

While Sydney punk outfit Royal Headache officially announced their disbandment earlier this year, frontman Tim “Shogun” Wall couldn’t stay away from music for long.

Yesterday, he put out “Hold on Kid” and “Pissing Blood” with his new band, Shogun & the Sheets. From the sounds of both, it seems Shogun hasn’t entirely abandoned the rawness of Royal Headache, but has instead steered away from sweaty basement punk towards the statelier, but no less expressive end of rock ’n’ roll.

“Hold on Kid,” all freewheeling guitars and tinkling keyboards, shows Shogun can still sell a simple chorus: “Hold on kid, you’re supposed to be a man someday.” On the other hand, the rock/soul ballad “Pissing Blood” gives dramatic voice to Shogun’s inner demons.


According to an interview Shogun did with Noisey, Shogun & the Sheets are going to record an album, and it seems he’s excited to venture beyond the punk pigeonhole that he felt increasingly trapped in as frontman of Royal Headache.

“Everyone just sort of despised me for singing melodies or something, instead of doing a fake tough guy hardcore thing or an esoteric electronic thing,” he said. “There’s a lot of rules in underground music that I don’t miss. It’s not very creative.”

Check out “Hold On Kid” and “Pissing Blood” below:


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